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During the past three decades, the psychiatric community has witnessed a major paradigmatic shift in the conceptualization and treatment of mental health. Traditional theories of psychopathology, which postulate intrapersonal determinants of behavior, are increasingly understood as insufficient in their incorporation of relational causes and correlates of psychopathology.

Wine Trail Behavioral Health, LLC is a private practice devoted to the notion that the provision of competent services is based on an appreciation of interpersonal (i.e., relational) as well as intrapersonal factors in the etiology and maintenance of emotional and behavioral problems. Toward this end, a broader more ecologically oriented framework that targets the multiple contexts in which children and families are embedded, is adopted. Importantly, this approach to treatment is consistent with causal modeling literature in the areas of child and adolescent psychopathology, and has received empirical support in controlled clinical trials.

A significant portion of our practice is focused on the treatment of a wide range of child and adolescent disorders (e.g., disruptive behavior disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, bipolar and unipolar depression, ADHD) and an in depth, comprehensive approach with both time limited brief psychotherapy, as well as introspective longer term treatment, may be pursued as appropriate. Group sessions focusing on adolescent mood and anxiety disorders, and substance abuse disorders are available. Currently, we are running two groups on a quarterly basis ten to twelve weeks in length. As space is limited, scheduling in advance is recommended.

Child and adolescent therapy

Additionally, crisis couples therapy is offered, as we make every attempt to provide openings each week for this patient population. Couples therapy can be effective as crisis intervention and as a relatively superficial "adjustment" assistance. If clients and therapist agree, the opportunities to alter character patterns and to produce individual growth are as great with a couples approach as with any other form of psychotherapy, including intensive individual treatment. The bonus with psychotherapy of the couple is, of course, the expectation that their dyadic and family patterns will change for the better.

Michael Reiss, LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist

Michael Reiss, LMFT is the founder and director of Wine Trail Behavioral Health. He holds degrees in Microbiology from the University of Rochester, and a masters in Human Development, Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Connecticut. Michael completed his internship at the Fransican Life Center in Meriden, Connecticut. He has been a researcher on eating related disorders and mood disorders among adolescents, and has been active in studies designed to evaluate new approaches for the treatment of substance abuse with adolescents with a dual diagnosis. He has co-authored several papers on the cognitive perspective of childhood anxiety disorders and depression, treatment and prevention. Michael specializes in treating couples, and children and adolescents.

Communities within close proximity include, Durham, Cheshire, Middletown, New Haven, Middlefield, North Haven, Meriden, Hamden, Madison and Guilford. If you would like to make an appointment, or a referral, please call us at our central telephone number.

Family Therapy and adolescent psychology


2 Bartholomew Lane Wallingford, CT 06492



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